Horizontal Hydraulic Wire Hose Braiding Machine
  • Horizontal Hydraulic Wire Hose Braiding Machine
  • Horizontal Hydraulic Wire Hose Braiding Machine
  • Horizontal Hydraulic Wire Hose Braiding Machine
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Horizontal Hydraulic Wire Hose Braiding Machine

Brand: Benfa

Country of origin: China

Technical Support: Longlife

Application: steel wire braided high pressure rubber tube ,steel wire braided sleeve , braided corrugated tube , high strength wire braided tube. Big diameter cable brake hose ,air conditioner hose

Greenland Benfa techology Horizontal Hydraulic Wire Hose Braiding Machine

1) Labor cost saving, one worker can operate several machines.
2) Easy to adjust braid pitch (angle) & monitor status,CNC controlled.
3) High output ,maximum carrier rpm reaches 50rpm.
4) Safe & environmental friendly , low noise
5) Automatic lubrication by Oil collecting


Horizontal Hydraulic Wire Hose Braiding Machine

Greenland Benfa techology Horizontal Hydraulic Wire Hose Braiding Machine

Product Description:

A horizontal hydraulic wire hose braiding machine is a specialized piece of equipment used in the manufacturing process of hoses, particularly those requiring wire reinforcement for added strength. The "horizontal" aspect may refer to the orientation of the machine during the braiding process. 


Product features:

Wire Braiding Capability:

The machine should be specifically designed for braiding wire around hoses. Wire braiding enhances the hose's strength and durability, making it suitable for various applications, including hydraulic systems.


Hydraulic System:

The use of hydraulic systems in the machine provides the necessary force and control for the braiding process. Hydraulic systems are known for their power and precision.


Horizontal Orientation:

The horizontal orientation may have specific advantages, such as ease of loading and unloading materials or facilitating the production process. Consider how the horizontal design aligns with your production needs.



Ensure that the machine is adjustable to accommodate different hose diameters, lengths, and wire thicknesses. This adaptability is crucial for meeting diverse production requirements.


Braiding Patterns:

Check if the machine supports various braiding patterns. The choice of braiding pattern can impact the overall strength and flexibility of the hose.


Core Material Compatibility:

Verify that the machine is compatible with the core material (usually rubber or other flexible materials) you intend to use. The machine should handle different core materials effectively.



Look for automation features, such as programmable controls, sensors, and hydraulic automation, to enhance efficiency and reduce manual intervention. Automation contributes to consistent braiding quality.


Speed and Production Output:

Consider the production speed and output capacity of the machine. High-speed machines are beneficial for large-scale production.


Tension Control:


Effective tension control mechanisms are crucial for maintaining uniform braiding quality. The machine should provide control over the tension of the wire during the braiding process.

User-Friendly Interface:

An intuitive interface facilitates ease of operation. A user-friendly control panel is important for efficient machine operation.


Quality Control:

Features that enable real-time monitoring and quality control contribute to the production of high-quality hoses.


Maintenance and Support:

Check for the availability of maintenance support and spare parts. Regular maintenance is essential to keep the machine running smoothly.


Compliance with Standards:

Ensure that the machine complies with relevant industry standards and regulations for hose manufacturing, especially if the hoses are intended for specific applications.

horizontal braiding machine

horizontal hose braiding machine

horizontal wire braiding machine

Main feature:

  • One worker can watch over several machines, machine stops & alarms when broken wire, out of wire,

    out of tubing or rubber sheet detected.

  • CNC controlled , easy to adjust braid pitch (angle) &monitor status, data storage and safety protection.

  • Productivity = carrier pitch (RPM) braid pitch(mm/min) ,maximum carrier rpm reaches 50rpm.

  • Good outer look, professional industry design, patented outer look design.

  • Safe & environmental friendly , low noise , tested noises 78dB for enclosed braider.

  • Automatic lubrication by Oil collecting circulating periodical automatic lubrication system.

  • Networked Intelligent Production available per customer's request.

  • ODM custom design available.


Greenland Benfa techology Horizontal Hydraulic Wire Hose Braiding Machine

horizontal braiding machine,horizontal hose braiding machine,horizontal wire braiding machine,hydraulic hose braiding machine

carier per

carrier speed

braiding machine

hauloff motor

braiding pitch set up

carrier tension

braided hose

BFB16W-114CFII1680rpm(max)1.5KW*30.4KWelectronic parameter set0.4kg—5.0kg≤20mm850kg
BFB24W-114C2440rpm(max)1.5KW0.4KWelectronic parameter set0.4kg—5.0kg≤24mm300kg
BFB24W-114CFS2442rpm(max)2.2KW*20.4KWelectronic parameter set0.4kg—5.0kg≤24mm530kg
mechanical variable speed drive0.4kg—5.0kg≤24mm300kg
BFB24W-114DS2440rpm(max)1.5KW*20.4KWelectronic parameter set0.4kg—5.0kg≤24mm530kg
mechanical variable speed drive0.4kg—5.0kg≤32mm360kg
BFB36W-114C3629rpm(max)3.0KW0.55KWelectronic parameter set0.4kg—5.0kg≤36mm400kg
BFB36W-114CI3629rpm(max)3.0KW0.55KWelectronic parameter set0.4kg—5.0kg≤36mm400kg
mechanical variable speed drive0.4kg—5.0kg≤36mm400kg
BFB48W-114C4815rpm(max)5.5KW0.55KWelectronic parameter set0.4kg—5.0kg≤48mm400kg
BFB48W-114CF4815rpm(max)5.5KW0.55KWelectronic parameter set0.4kg—5.0kg≤48mm580kg
mechanical variable speed drive0.4kg—5.0kg≤48mm580kg


Garden Gas Hose Composite Braiding Machine

Widely used in various industries such as: automobile brake tube, automobile air conditioner hose, wire & cable .etc ,

suitable for braiding stainless steel wire ,cotton yarn, glass fiber, aramid yarn, carbon fiber and other metallic wire and composite yarn.

horizontal braiding machine

Product Detail:

Garden Gas Hose Composite Braiding Machine

garden hose braiding machine,gas hose braiding machine

details as below photos:

horizontal hose braiding machine


Please do not hesitate to contact us, We can provide detailed information based on your specific requirements and applications.

carriers per deck

bobbin dimension



carrier speed [RPM]

bobbin capacity


130 cm3-360 cm³

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