Automatic 16 Carrier 3d Hose Braiding Machine
  • Automatic 16 Carrier 3d Hose Braiding Machine
  • Automatic 16 Carrier 3d Hose Braiding Machine
  • Automatic 16 Carrier 3d Hose Braiding Machine
  • Automatic 16 Carrier 3d Hose Braiding Machine
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Automatic 16 Carrier 3d Hose Braiding Machine

Brand: BENFA

Country of origin: Zhejiang, China

Technical Support: longlife

Application: sanitary, cable, high-pressure hose industries,

Carrier Per Deck: 16,24,32

Braided Hose OD: 16,24,32mm

Greenland Benfa hose braiding machine:
1, Application:
sanitary hose , high pressure wire/rubber/oil hose, Teflon hose,
SS wire sleeve, air conditioning hose , car and motor rubber hose, sprayer rubber hose
2, High automatic
3, High efficiency production
4, Easy maintenance
5, Low noise


Automatic 16 Carrier 3d Hose Braiding Machine


Automatic 16 Carrier 3d Hose Braiding Machine Greenland Benfa hose braiding machine


Greenland Benfa hose braiding machine114L series:with horn gear OD114mm,suitable for bobbin OD ≤ 58mm

16 carrier braider,24 carrier braiding machine,Automatic Braiding Machine,Hose Braiding Machine.

carriers per deck

bobbin dimension



carrier speed [RPM]

bobbin capacity


130 cm3-360 cm3

  • The Greenland Benfa technology BFB-114L series vertical CNC automatic braider stands as a pinnacle in the realm of hose braiding machines. 

    Its versatile application spans across the sanitary, cable, and high-pressure hose industries, accommodating materials like 

    stainless steel wire, cotton yarn, aramid fiber, carbon fiber, and more.

  • Boasting high levels of automation and efficiency, this braiding machine is a cornerstone in production processes. 

    Its user-friendly design facilitates easy maintenance, ensuring a seamless operation. 

    The oil bath lubrication system contributes to stability in carrier tension and simplifies maintenance procedures.

  • The machine's patented in-house designed plate with guide is a testament to Greenland Benfa's commitment to longevity. 

    It prolongs the machine's life, making it a reliable asset in various industrial settings. 

    Moreover, the fully enclosed design significantly reduces noise, with tested levels as low as 78dB, creating a conducive working environment.

  • The innovative carrier rpm system sets the BFB-114L apart from its horizontal counterparts. 

    With carrier rpm reaching up to 310rpm, this braider achieves remarkable productivity. The 5% increase in carrier rpm further accentuates its high-speed performance.

  • Safety takes center stage with features like automatic stops and alarms. 

    The machine detects issues such as broken wire, out-of-wire, or out-of-tubing/rubber sheet conditions, promptly halting operations to ensure a secure working environment. 

    This proactive approach prevents potential hazards and underscores the commitment to operator safety.

  • Customization is a hallmark of Greenland Benfa technology, with the ability to tailor designs based on specific requirements. 

    Whether it's a 16 carrier braider, 24 carrier braiding machine, Automatic Braiding Machine,Hose Braiding Machineor any other variation,

    the flexibility in design ensures that the machine aligns seamlessly with diverse production needs.

  • In summary, the Greenland Benfa technology BFB-114L series hose braiding machine combines precision engineering with cutting-edge features to deliver unparalleled performance.

    From its high level of automation and efficiency to the emphasis on longevity and safety, this braiding machine( 16 carrier braider,24 carrier braiding machine,

    Automatic Braiding Machine,Hose Braiding Machine) stands as a cornerstone in the industries it serves.

  • The ability to customize further cements its status as a versatile and indispensable asset in modern industrial production.

16 carrier braider 

Main feature:

  •  Greenland Benfa hose braiding machine Oil bath lubrication system are used, stable carrier tension, easy to maintain.

  •  Patented in house designed plate with guide, prolong machine life.

  •  Low noise , tested noises 78dB for enclosed braider, noise and shocking absorbing design.

  •  Carrier rpm is 5% higher than the horizontal model carrier rpm can reach up to 310rpm , high   productivity.

  •  Greenland Benfa hose braider stops & alarms when broken wire, out of wire, out of tubing or rubber sheet detected, ensure machine runs safely.

  •  Custom design available per request.


Greenland Benfa hose braiding machine 114 series Automatic Hose Braiding Machine  has different specifications to meet your different demand,for example 24 carrier braiding machine.


carrier per deck

carrier speed RPM

braiding machine power

haul off motor power

braiding pitch set up

carrier tension

braided hose OD

mechanical variable speed drive0.4kg—5.0kg≤16mm280kg
mechanical variable speed drive0.4kg—5.0kg≤24mm305kg
mechanical variable speed drive0.4kg—5.0kg≤24mm305kg
mechanical variable speed drive0.4kg-5.Okg≤24mm305kg
BFB24L-114B Ⅱ2445rpm(max)1.1KW
mechanical variable speed drive0.4kg—5.0kg≤24mm305kg
mechanical variable speed drive0.4kg-5.Okg≤24mm305kg
mechanical variable speed drive0.4kg—5.0kg≤24mm600kg
BFB24L-114C2445rpm(max)1.1KW0.55KWelectronic parameter set0.4kg—5.0kg≤24mm305kg
BFB24L-114CF2445rpm(max)1.1KW0.55KWelectronic parameter set0.4kg—5.0kg≤24mm305kg
mechanical variable speed drive0.4kg—5.0kg≤24mm330kg
mechanical variable speed drive0.4kg—5.0kg≤24mm330kg
mechanical variable speed drive0.4kg—5.0kg≤32mm400kg
mechanical variable speed drive0.4kg—5.0kg≤36mm450kg
mechanical variable speed drive0.4kg—5.0kg≤36mm450kg
mechanical variable speed drive0.4kg—5.0kg≤36mm450kg
BFB36L-114C3629rpm(max)1.5KW0.55KWelectronic parameter set0.4kg—5.0kg≤36mm450kg
BFB36L-114CF3629rpm(max)1.5KW0.55KWelectronic parameter set0.4kg—5.0kg≤36mm450kg
mechanical variable speed drive0.4kg—5.0kg≤36mm475kg
mechanical variable speed drive0.4kg—5.0kg≤36mm475kg
mechanical variable speed drive0.4kg—5.0kg≤36mm475kg
mechanical variable speed drive0.4kg—5.0kg≤48mm128Okg
mechanical variable speed drive0.4kg—5.0kg≤48mm1280kg
BFB48L-114CF4820rpm(max)2.2KW0.55KWelectronic parameter set0.4kg—5.0kg≤48mm1280kg


Greenland Benfa hose braiding machine widely use in different industries,such as sanitary hose , high pressure wire/rubber/oil hose, Teflon hose,

SS wire sleeve, air conditioning hose , car and motor rubber hose, sprayer rubber hose and so on.

16 carrier braiding machine

Product Detail:

Greenland Benfa hose braiding machine details as below photos:

24 carrier braiding machine 


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