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United Arab Emirates cooperative customer

In April 2023, our team at Greenland Benfa technology(hose braiding machine manufacturer), had the privilege of engaging with a prominent customer from the United Arab Emirates who was in search of a winding machine to enhance their production capabilities. This partnership has since evolved into a remarkable cooperation case, reflecting the strength and commitment of our organization.

Upon their quest for the perfect winding machine, our customer diligently compared offerings from various braiding machine manufacturers. It was the dedication and expertise of our team, paired with the commitment to delivering top-quality products and unwavering patience in providing exceptional service, that ultimately convinced them to chooseGreenland Technology CO.,Ltd as their preferred partner.

The turning point in this collaboration occurred in July 2023 when the CEO of our UAE-based customer paid a visit to our facilities. Impressed by the competence and professionalism displayed by our team, as well as the remarkable quality of our machines, the CEO was thoroughly satisfied. This visit culminated in a momentous decision, as an order for the winding machine was promptly placed on the very same day.

With the speed and efficiency characteristic of our operations, the machine was expertly manufactured and shipped in August. Our technicial guide customer to operate winding machine step by step,once integrated into their production line, it proved to be a seamless and efficient addition, exceeding their expectations. The outstanding performance of our winding machine cemented our customer's confidence in us, leading to the placement of repeat, substantial orders.

hose braiding machine

This collaboration with our UAE customer showcases the values we hold dear – professionalism, quality, and customer-centric service. It highlights the trust and satisfaction of our clientele, further reinforcing Greenland Technology CO.,Ltd reputation as a leading provider in the industry. We look forward to continuing this successful partnership and delivering solutions that enable our customers to thrive.

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